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FREE consultancy

Worth £3,500

Subject to capacity*, Incynergy will provide you access to the online platform, calculate your business score, write your report detailing your score with suggested activities, and provide a certified consultant to walk you through the platform so you can design your first plan.

FREE.  Confidential.  No commitment.  Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Plan changes that increase your business value, not its turnover. Design measurable activities against projected ROIs, and manage it all online

Incynergy will help you separate the wood from the trees and prioritize activities with most value.  You decide what to do next.  No commitment.  You can do nothing, manage it yourself, or engage with Incynergy to support you at a level you are comfortable with. 

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Take the Questionnaire

The questionnaire is simple for a business owner. It should only take quatre of an hour, fifteen (15) minutes

Receive Your Report

Unique to you and based on the information you supply. Your business is benchmarked against 70,000 business to highlight strengths & opportunities.

Define a Plan

Incynergy will walk you through the report explaining how it works, and share examples of previous programs.  Most importantly, it will provide projected ROI against activities.

See your business like a buyer to increase its value

An Incynergy program produces custom activities for a business owner to shape, prioritize, and execute change.  All managed from a secure online portal with the support of a certified consultant, owners are set-up, running and projecting ROI within days

How we support you


Go at your own pace, assisted by your customer success manager, to help keep you on track for the goals you set yourself.

1-on-1 Programme

A certified consultant will guide you through the entire system and show you how the 8 key drivers influence the value your business.

Custom Planning

Whatever opportunities the value score surfaces, we will work with you to design, budget & plan the activities. How you execute is up to you.

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