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Statistically proven to increase business value.

Companies that completed the Value Builder process and worked to increase their respective scores to an average of 80+, receive 71% higher offers of pre-tax profit than average businesses. A key feature of a valuable company is one that runs without on its own, which means if you can create a business that’s built to sell, you also have the option to hold on to it without the stress of running your company day-to-day.
  • Strategy & Health Check

    To achieve success, you need a strategy that aligns your vision, effort, and execution. A written plan allows you to communicate it consistently with your staff, customers, suppliers, banks, investors, and even buyers. This ensures everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goal.

    Moreover, having a written plan means you can periodically run a health check on your business because you know what good should look like.


Go at your own pace with the assistance of your dedicated customer success manager to ensure you are held accountable for the goals you set yourself.

1-on-1 Programme

A certified consultant will guide you through the entire system and show you how the 8 key drivers influence the value your business.

Custom Planning

Whatever opportunities the value score surfaces, we will work with you to design, budget & plan the activities. How you execute is up to you.

Dive into the detail

Know Your Score

Powerful insight into how others value your business

The value score is an interactive tool that gives you a comprehensive assessment of your business, through the eyes of a buyer.  When you complete the questionnaire, you’ll get an overall score out of 100.  In conjunction with this score you will also be scored, again out of 100, for each of the 8 Key Drivers of business value.  This FREE exercise alone gives you a powerful insight to how others perceive the value of your business.


Visibility of assets that scale increases business value

Identify the products and services with the most potential to scale-up quickly.  This module starts by mapping your products and services, in a visual way, and highlights those that can potentially be leveraged to grow your business fastest whilst minimizing dependence on you, personally. 

Customer Score

Data & actionable insight increases business value

Benchmarking your business is a standard practice, but benchmarking your customers’ satisfaction has historically been for big enterprises.  We will apply our survey, designed to gather sentiment from your customers.  All surveys use a standard set of questions that have been proven to be predictive of a company’s growth rate.  

Growth Quad

Product-Mix dynamics increase business value

Product/Service mix effect growth potential.  Revisiting the output from your Scalability analysis, the growth quad focuses on identifying the products and service lines with the highest growth potential and lowest investment risk.  This module provides a roadmap of your offerings with the greatest potential to grow your company.


Predictable annuity greatly increases business value

Recurring revenue means your business does not start from £0 every month, quarter, or even year! By increasing the number and quality of recurring revenue streams into your business, you make it more attractive and valuable. Our  Automatic Customer tool identifies opportunities for annuity revenue within your company.  The benefits of this type of revenue are many: steady cash flow, increased lifetime value, improved customer loyalty, and scalability, are just a few.  See our full, but probably not exhaustive, list here.

Monopoly Control

Defendable differentiation increases business value

Monopoly Control is another exercise that should be reviewed annually, or even more frequently if you regularly introduce new product or service lines.  The exercise supports your business as it develops because as you develop, so too does the market with the emergence of competitive threats. We have a Positioning Planner tool that supports you in isolating attributes and qualities of your business that give you defendable market position.  The tool outputs an illustration of the marketing messages that give you the highest degree of competitive differentiation, and which are most meaningful to customers.

Hub & Spoke

Owners not at the hub increases business value

Yes, another module that, once completed, should be reviewed annually, and built into your Design Principles for existing/new roles & responsibilities.  The purpose is to minimize your company’s dependence on you personally.  We have a tried and tested Employee Survey asking them how informed and engaged they are with your company’s priorities and goals.  The most valuable companies can operate without their owner’s everyday involvement, and these sessions identify areas where training, systems or processes are needed to allow your business to operate without you.

Switzerland Structure

Reducing risk actually increases business value

Named after Switzerland’s staunch belief in independence, the Switzerland Structure focuses on reducing you and your company’s reliance on any one customer or employee.  This session involves working through two exercises: Employee Stack Ranking and the Customer Concentration Matrix.  As we work together to complete the session we will also be designing an action plan for reducing over-reliance on either group.  This reduces risk in your business and increases its value.

Customer Score

NPS is a proven science that increases business value

The ninth module is dedicated to the continued benchmarking of your customers’ satisfaction against the most successful and fastest growing companies in the world.  Following up from the survey deployed in the third module, this update allows you set the cadence to continually track & react to your customers’ sentiment.

Teeter Totter

Well managed cash flow increases business value

An annual module focused on cash flow.  Our goal; to maximize cash flow from day-to-day operations.  Sessions utilize our Cash Finder tool.  Once complete, you’ll have a set of actions that will increase your cash flow, and minimize or eliminate those stressful periods of low cash flow.  Well managed cash increases business value. 

Short List Builder

Potential strategic buyers increase business value

As you, your business and the market develop, you need to have a view of where you fit in, your worth, and worth to whom!  Consequently a list of potential buyers of your business needs to be built, reviewed, validated and maintained.  Regardless of when, if, or how you want to transition your business, knowing who natural buyers might be gives you leverage and opportunity to cultivate relationships.  Being on their radar encourages them to make the first move.  And, you guessed it, “we have an app for that”! The Short List Builder helps build a long list and then, using our proprietory algorithms, creates a list of potential buyers, and why.

Envelope Test

Articulate goals for you, your business and your life. 

The envelop test is about you, and needs to be revisited with a pre-planned cadence, thereby ensuring it’s not redone as a knee-jerk response to something!  The sessions develops and articulation of the goals for you, your business and your life.  How would your life be different if you sold your business?  What is your vision?  Are you being pulled out or pushed out?  These are the types of questions to contemplate when completing the Envelop Test. 

Rinse & Repeat

This is not a quick fix programme

Our programmes and modules are not suitable for every business owner.  Our approach to business value is not a quick fix, or sticky-plaster, for a smoke-and-mirrors approach to building the value of a company.  Our approach is for enthusiastic, dedicated and intelligent business owners who understand the difference between owning a job and owning a business.  They understand the difference between working “in the business” and “working on the business”.  Much like a business’ value, the past is an indicator of talent incubation, NOT a firm indicator of the future.  Incynergy helps clients shape their future according to their aspirations.

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